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This is a place to find links that I find interesting, things that have questioned my understanding of Aikido, and expanded my horizons

George Leonards Blog at AikiEast called

All things Aikido

the June 27th, 2009 entry is something I think we should all read. (anything by George is worth reading )

Corky Quakenbusch's youtube channel

(watch them from oldest to newest posts)

Corky saved my practice by showing me a replicable way to find relax, how to define connection and how Aikido is all about taking care of your partner. Without his influence I was ready to stop practice after almost 18 years of practice.

Thanks Corky!!


Ellis Amdur

Ellis has some interesting takes on ukemi

(check out his DVD)

and his book

Hidden in Plain Site

is a must read.

Ellis's site


Another influence in my burgeoning understanding of the MINDBODY is Dr Paul Linden. He has a E book

( Reach Out: Body Awareness training for Peacemaking)

that will give the gist of his thinking tho the expanded version is well worth the few dollars he asks for.


Here's an interesting info vid...it's titled

"Steven Seagal, can he do what he says he can"

I would rename it as "the Roots of Aikido Martialness"

For those intrested in a MP3 lecture on Aikido history

(available thru Aikido Journal, just sign up for Stan's email newsletter) or some MP3 radio interviews with Nadeau Sensei, Amdur Sensei, Ledyard Sensei contact me. kelpur(at ) telus.net


And a quick reminisence of Kawahara Sensei...

I was called upon to be uke, Sensei was demonstrating Katatori Ikkyo and had my hand raised in the nikyo grip and was explaining something to the class when he stopped, and looked at me underneath my arm..

"Kerrey, Relax " he said to me and turned back to say more to the class...as he turned I blurted "but Sensei, I AM relaxed!!"

He turned back to me with this look that said "you don't know what you are talking about, boy", and with his free hand hit my elbow with an upward, open handed blow.

It didn't hurt but this wave pulsed thru my body, from elbow all the way down to my toes...and then I realized I was truly relaxed...not carrying any of the tension that Sensei could feel ,but I couldn't.

This moment with Sensei comes back to me often. I strive for the "Relax" but also for the open awareness that is also relax, the "Relaxed Mind" that will allow me to be in the moment.

I think it will stand me in good stead.

Thank you Sensei