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Kelowna Dojo

"Therefore to compete in techniques, winning and losing, is not true budo. True budo knows no defeat. Never defeated means never fighting." - Morihei Uyeshiba, founder of aikido.

Y. Kawahara Shihan (pictured here), 8 Dan, was the head Aikikai instructor for Canada. We were extremely priveliged to have Kawahara Sensei live and teach regular classes in Kelowna for almost a year. Kawahara Shihan passed away June 2, 2011.






In keeping with the mandate of being a good community partner regarding Covid 19, Okanagan Aikikai will be suspending classes untill further notice.

We are practicing weapons in the park.

9 am- 10-30 AM Saturdays Ben Lee park, by the

Houghton parking lot.

Please Join us!




A congratulations to all who passed recently

Derrick Vandekraats : Nidan

Dan Lamb: Nidan

Rob Plaxton: Shodan

Anne Velasco: Ikkyu

Sultana Majid: Yonkyu

Sam Lau: Yonkyu

Johann Zahn: Gokyu

Jennifer Zahn: Gokyu

Kelowna Dojo

Rutland United Church

1370 Rutland Rd North.

Come thru the doors framed by the daycare chainlink fence. There will be an open doorway off to the right. The Dojo is upstairs .





Training times:


Monday and Fridays


1st & 3rd & 5th



of the month

basics class.6-7:15pm

Regular class7:20-8:30 pm

On Friday s the second class will focus on weapons. We encourage everyone to participate in the weapons class. So much of what we do is based on weapons forms

please come by 5:40 to clean and prepare for class.







Practice Fees ---Adults $60 per month...Students $40...

Visiting Aikidoists, Please join us for a practice,

a $10 ($5 for students) donation drop in fee would be appreciated